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tv   Book Discussion on Long Shot  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 9:30pm-9:49pm EDT

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>> >> the l.a. book review. that has the grace said that it isn't anymore i am very impressed by their quality of interviews because i'm trying to figure out that is
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just a full section that is great. >> the editor of "washington post". booktv on c-span2. >> one of the things we like to do is preview upcoming books we have the author of this book the triumphs and struggles of a freedom fighter. june 41982 "new york times"
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story could you explain your findings? there is a three-point shooting specialist chided michael jordan and other nba players for failing to use their visibility to calling attention to issues. >> for me have a part of the civil-rights movement. and for me to get a chance i was blast in then to play professional basketball. and then to be on the "frontline" and then we all grow up in different circumstances and then we
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want to go back to do the right thing. and that is the opposition all along. >> what does this article referred to? >> they tried to put me against michael in fermi i felt it isn't just on me so here it is the thing we try to lead by example. >> were you a political activist? >> that is one of the things the media calls as a person that wants to see justice
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and even m.l. k even with the militarism to me those are the things and others is tilting of those other athletes. >> was it controversial? >> yes. the bigger controversy as winning the championship. that was considered controversial but that was a cultural norm because i was taught to steady to i am a and go out to make sure you are a responsible person. to come from a family that has great honor in the community.
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the controversial par i will leave to other people and just in the standpoint to be in the context but then not being able to get a job it is crazy when i think of terms abilities. >> october 1st, 1991? >> i went to visit george h.
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w. bush and it was an opportunity nattily to represent my people but to say that i want to leave the way that mohammed ali lead. when i grew up in the projects of chicago i want to issue a kinship. and that was the opportunity the best i could. the think those that were on the outside looking and. >> what did the letter said?
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>> to talk about the disenfranchised in the port with foreign policy aware that is concerned. for fighter jets a and the military movement and to basically be on that movement if you can have those issues of the porter then you will get better at it. >> did you get a response? >> not all. but that was kind of shocking because from elementary school we wrote letters to everybody.
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so why should they do that as a man to take that opportunity? >> what was the reaction? >> this was the first time it is my teammates at the time to be somewhat apologetic in the view do feel uncomfortable the fermi it is probably one of the greatest days. but at that point in time i feel that is the restitution
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>>. >> you put this in your book, how much money were you making? >> cry last year's 600,000 in 1992 that is a healthy salary. >> get was marginal going into my tenth season but the amounts of money that i could received in the impact it could have had an image of a gap of economics or joblessness and then we can make a difference so from
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that standpoint that is an opportunity for me. >> what is your connection? >> one of the things that i learned at that time to come back and sit down and that was so cool. and then to say whether you doing? and then a dead different level. >> in my household they were families.
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>> the the impact estimate then he introduced to? and up until that time do you know, what i'm saying? for the slave trade in africa ended in another part of the world. >> from your book from the black studies nature al long
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beach state that black people even though wealthy are conditioned to wait for the white man. >> and to that degree hoodoo we make our allies? outside of our community so to be, we're at a point with the freedom of movement and i don't have to apologize for bullying in -- being black. to respecting of the world order. and now women are taking that vanguard position so that our future generations
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can understand. >> when did you experience? >> probably elementary school. imagine being on the west side. that is in about you being over there because if you are likewise it is similar to the day if you see the police carry yourself in a certain kind of way. you can move like somebody else they almost marginalize yourself you can have a brilliant mind that maybe your next einstein.
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>> but with of bringing that i had my mother was the secretary with a lot of leadership to say i'm knocking on doors during the petition drives. >> q said he made $700,000 in 1982? how much in 1993? >> o. i was blackballed or blacklisted.
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at that point in time but you have been its short-haul life. this is what can happen. nobody has that definitive reason like charles barkley paying in their. so any time i would say anything about it. if it just happens to you.
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because i was a union representative. it is about the collective. to be a team player. so i could do ballet or everything. and then to be in the city of chicago. >> we should not be in the condition that we iran for the amount of money that we made or that incentive of that is appropriate. >> would issue night? >> and what is still comes
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on with one of the comrades. the first half to see what is happening. when your sex surgery is required. so i want to build that organizational framework with that economic complex. >> but you write in your book online of athletes have foundations because tax lawyers have advised that.
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>> would redoing on a daily basis? it is a dawn this every day 24/7. so from that standpoint i know there is work to do the you have to be courageous. that is the generation they have no hope. and many have some nice gear and then we can do something about that.


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